Technical data :

Total length : 431.8 mm
Blade length : 298 mm
Muzzlering : 14.9 mm

Was used on : VZ23

General information :

Just like the Austrian-Hungarian M1895 the VZ24 has a blade which is fixed « upside-down » . Although this is a common bayonet that has been available to collectors for decades now, relatively little is know about this model.

It is certain though, that several hundreds of thousands of these bayonets were used or produced by the Germans during the Second World War. After the invasion in Czechoslovakia the German troops discovered enormous stocks of these rifles and bayonets, which they thankfully used to arm their own troops.

The ground off the muzzle ring of some of these in order to make them suitable for use on their 98 carbine. Production was started as well in the captured CSZ factory in Brno. These pieces are “dot” stamped, the German maker’s code for that factory. The newly produced pieces were made without a muzzle ring;

When the German army was forced to abandon the majority of its weapons these bayonets were offered to other countries like Turkey, Romania, Ethiopia and Peru, which adopted them officially.
Army surplus wholesalers bought masses of VZ24’s and “restored” them by polishing, re-blueing, Parkerizing or sandblasting the blades.

Known makers :

CSZ, Ceskoslovenska Statni Zbrojovka, Brno (Czech State Arsenal)


VZ24 used by the German army during WWII. Distinctive feature is the missing barrel ring.(Collection S. Wouters)
Detail of the "dot" stamp found on German blades (Collection S. Wouters)   Waffenamt stamp on the scabbard (Collection S. Wouters)


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