Armee Belge / Belgisch Leger 1914
A very complete overview of the edged weapons used by the Belgian army from 1830 to 1914. Other sections of this website contain plenty of information on firearms and uniforms of the Belgian military forces during that period.


BCN - The Bayonet Collectors Network
Extensive site specialised in information about the k98K bayonet. Their analysis of the maker’s marks and manufactured quantities is impressive.

As far as I know it is the only site that contains this much information on all bayonets that are made in the Netherlands or were used by the Dutch Armed Forces.

Arms2Armor and the bayonet photo gallery
These sites offer an overview on the different bayonets per country. This allows the visitor to see “the bigger picture” of the evolution of bayonets used by the different nations.

Richard Abbenbroek kindly helps visitors of his site with the identification of their bayonets. His own collection is displayed here as well.

Bayonet Points
At the bottom of this page there are some interesting “Bayonet Points”, articles that shed some light on a few, mostly American, bayonets.

Collectible Firearms
Althought the name of this website only refers to their firearm’s section quite a few edged weapons figure here as well. The goal of this site is selling items and the prices at which the blades are offered, can give you an idea of the value (prices are not the cheapest though).

Old Smithy
There are hundreds, or even thousands, of types of bayonets and Old Smithy tries to offer plenty of information on all these different models in a nicely structured way.

Website with detailed descriptions of over 1000 different types of bayonets. A 6-month membership costs $6.

This site, property of Dennis “Otto” Ottobre, offers hundres of bayonets for sale. Otto has published a very interesting CD-ROM on Turkish blades as well. This can be bought straight from him.

US Bayonet ID
Here you can have any US bayonet between 1892 and now identified.

The Japanese bayonet page
The name of this site speaks for itself. A big number of Japanese bayonets figure on this website.

British military bayonets
Page per page the evolution of the British bayonets is explained. This website starts with the P1888.

Swiss Rifles & Bayonets
Interesting website about the Swiss military arms, both firearms and bayonets, which are widely appreciated for their quality.

The Maddox Collection
Personal website of Jim Maddox, a famous collector of bayonets who has published an impressive book as well. An interview of bajonet.be with Jim can be read here.

Edged Weapons.nl
Edged Weapons is a Dutch website for blade collectors. Over 350 bayonets are currently offered.


Association Française des Collectionneurs de Baïonnettes
This site contains a forum on bayonets as well as detailed information on the history and features of quite a few, mostly French, bayonets.


Austria has it’s serious collectors as well and a few of them have developed this very interesting website. A useful feature is the possibility to sort the database per country, period or type of bayonet.

Some people have impressive collections and this website is were one of these collectors share their collection and knowledge. Very useful are the overviews on maker’s marks, regiment marks and a vocabulary.

Deutsche Bajonette
Although this website isn’t presented in the most appealing way, the contents are really worth a look. It offers a detailed overview of German bayonets from mid 19th century until the end of the First World War.

Die Bajonett Seite
Axel Schillings collections, which consists of over 100 blades, is displayed nicely on his website. The item’s production periods range from the 19th century until shortly after the Second World War.

Militaria Fundforum
This forum contains threads about all aspects of military collecting. The “Blankwaffen” forum is filled with hundreds of interesting topics about bayonets and other blades of various periods.

Sigges Bajonette
On top of technical details of bayonets from all over the world, Sigge’s site offers a chronological overview of bayonets per country.