interviewt JIM MADDOX

How long have you been collecting bayonets and how did it start?

I have been collecting bayonets for 47 years.  It began with a German S98/05 which my father had in our home for many years.

Which bayonets do you collect (per country/era/type/...)

I collect all types of bayonets of the World, except socket bayonets.  I do not care much for sockets except those with unusual blade forms.

How many bayonets do you have and which is your most beloved piece?

I currently have a few more than 900 bayonets, with emphasis on quality and rarity. To select a single most beloved piece is very difficult.  I chose one of my favorites, the Swiss Experimental Cavalry Sword Bayonet, for the cover of my book.

What would be your advice to novice collectors?

Before you spend a lot of money on bayonets, buy a few good books.  To an absolute beginner, I would recommend my book, Collecting Bayonets" and Jerry Janzen's "Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook".  Read these books.  Go to arms fairs, meet other collectors. Get on-line and visit the bayonet-related websites and Ebay. Do not just accumulate everything that might be available.  Have some basic knowledge and have a plan.  Collect what you enjoy.  And above all else, A few really nice quality bayonets is much more desirable than a large number of beat-up rusty poor ones.  Quality is always preferable to quantity.

Have you visited and what is your opinion on the project?

I have visited and it appears to be an excellent source of information with very nice graphics.

In your opinion, what is the Holy Grail of bayonets?

The US Krag Bolo Bayonet with scabbard.