interviewt ROY WILLIAMS

How long have you been collecting bayonets and how did it start?

I first started collecting in1972 and was always interested in miltary antiques, at that time bayonets were not very expensive so I was able to choose from a great variety of very interesting examples every week without spending lots of money.

Which bayonets do you collect (per country/era/type/...)

First I collected bayonets from all countries, then specialised in British, French and German. My British bayonets were sold to help finance Part One of my book "The Collectors Book of German Bayonets 1680 - 1945" and I am currently working on Part Two.

How many bayonets do you have and which is your most beloved piece?

I have almost 1000 bayonets in my collection with some extremely rare examples, so the choice is difficult..... but I do love an gold etched S98aA with a watered blade that was originally owned by Anthony Carter.

What would be your advice to novice collectors?

Get to know as many experienced collectors as you can, compile a serious reference library of books, articles and photographs and be patient.... and of course these days lots of money also helps!!!!

Have you visited and what is your opinion on the project?

Continue with the project (unfortunately my Flemish and French is poor) and if I can help please ask, I do have thousands of bayonet photos and collector information in my library.